Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Embers & Theories’ Audiogold have kept fans happy in the wait for a full length follow-up with a briliant 4 track offering ‘Perception Of Colour’.

Reviews have been very positive on the band’s developing sound. The Indie Bands Blog for example says, ‘Perceptions of Colour see Audiogold in a more introspective space with a slightly different feel and far darker resonance [than ‘Embers & Theoris’]. The material remains of superb quality retaining the signature guitars and shows some great development in the bands confidence.’ Full review here.

The EP was mastered at Blue Pro Mastering in September 2012. The band, who also previously mastered their album ‘Embers & Theories’ and subsequent singles ‘You & I’ and ‘Tlights’ at Blue Pro Mastering were extremely pleased with the results once again.

“Having used other major mastering houses in the past I can say that Blue Pro Mastering surpass in quality by miles and we will not use anyone else again. The service delivered and the standard of engineering is 5 star.” Alexander Hurwitz, Audiogold

For such a superb offering Audiogold have surprisingly released this EP on the‘pay what you like’ format through Bandcamp as well as iTunes. There’s now therefore no excuse whatsoever for not checking these guys out but I would be very surprised if you enter £0 on Bandcamp! That would just be wrong! Unfriend!