As many of you will have noticed, Itunes have recently launched their new ‘Mastered for Itunes’ initiative. Their hope in the long term is to build up a catalog of high quality, lossless audio so the music can be enjoyed as the artist original intended. Essentially, audio that qualifies to be labelled as MFIT must have been recorded at a sample rate of 96khz and at 24 Bit. Until fairly recently, only music released by major labels could appear in the itunes store with the mastered for itunes logo. However this has now been opened to a few of the aggregator services (such as CD Baby) . If you are planning to release your music on itunes as a mastered for Itunes track, let us know and we can deliver you a full rate file once we have completed mastering. Be careful to check with your distributer before hand though as some of aggregators cannot guarantee that the official Logo will appear on your release.

Here is a list of aggregators in the UK that can do it: