Tom Greenwood of Blue Pro Mastering discusses how to send and prepare your mix for us when using Pro Tools in this video.

There are a number of common problems with mixes that we receive from Pro Tools. The aim of this video is to show you how to correct them before the mixes are sent to us. This will ultimately allow us to create a high quality master.

During the mastering process we use a combination of compression and limiting to reduce the dynamic range of a mix so that we can bring a track up to a higher overall level. One problem we see in mixes that have been sent to us is that this compression and limiting has already been applied to the mix bus, often in a heavy-handed and undesirable way. You should remove any limiting or hard compression you have applied on your mix bus when bouncing a mix for mastering.

This is an example of a common error but the rest of the video will discuss other pitfalls and guide you on how to prepare your tracks for mastering at Blue Pro.