The Summit Audio EQ P 200 is a versatile passive EQ that can be used during tracking, mixing and mastering. Passive EQs have been sought after by audio professionals for decades due to their superior phase coherence in comparison to active circuit designs. The draw-back often associated with using passive EQs is the gain loss that is inherent within their design. In the case of the EQ P 200 this gain loss is measured at approximately -20db. To compensate for this, the EQ circuitry is followed by a hybrid amplifier combining 12AX7A vacuum tubes with 999 op amps. The combination of the solid state components within the eq circuitry and the tubes of the make-up gain create a unit that can deliver precise eq alterations whilst adding rich character and harmonics.


The EQ has three sections: Low Frequency shelving of up to +/-16dB at 20,30,60 or 100 Hz. A variable bandwidth mid range boost also of +/- 16dB at a variety of stepped frequencies and a high frequency shelf that can cut up to -16dB. One of the unique qualities of this unit is the interaction between the cut and boost controls for the LF shelf. When both controls are used simultaneously the result is  a low frequency boost and a mid range cut. This can particularly useful during the mastering process when you are required to try and clear out some ‘mud’ from a mix, whilst at the same time enhancing the clarity and roundness of the bottom end. For example, if the objective was to bring into focus the bottom end of a kick drum, whilst at the same time controlling a boomy bass guitar you could apply a simultaneous cut and boost at at 60Hz which would create a low mid range scoop at approximately 600Hz.
The combination of passive equalizers and tube make up is not unique to this Summit device, however the P 200 pulls this combination of in a particularly pleasing way, combining ultra-clean audio specs and smooth, subtle eq with the even-harmonic (the good ones) accentuation of a tube design.